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myProteus Sponsor Top 10

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Sponsors - the Top 10 of Top 10 answers you should know to be an effective sponsor and improve the chances of project success.Want to be a more effective sponsor? Or ensure that you get the best out of your project manager? Or improve the likelihood of project success? This app covers the top 10 topics that are at the forefront of a sponsor’s concerns and details the key questions of focus that can make a material difference to achieving success.
myProteus was established by a group of proven practitioners, with over 500 years! of real experience in the field of projects and programmes to help organisations and individuals to be better at running projects through self help.myProteus is an online offering providing a treasure chest of practical and proven experience for others to use, learn and contribute to. Not only does it provide the basics you would expect but goes to a level not seen elsewhere by making available practical items and insights that can make a real difference to an organisation, its projects and the individual.We invite you to not only to belong to the myProteus community but to contribute to its shape and content.If you like this app you may be interested in our Project Managers Top 10 app, even if you’re not a project manager!